Focus on writing, not marketing and sales.

We get you the freelance clients and rates you deserve by handling marketing, sales and negotiations for you.

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You are a writer - not a salesperson.

You should focus on what you do best.

We get it; you likely prefer to be left with your own thoughts and ideas. Maybe you like to work independently. Maybe you are deeply creative. Perhaps you would consider yourself an introvert. These are some of the main factors that attract people to freelance writing.


But as you become more involved in the profession, you quickly realize that being a freelance writer involves far more than just writing. There are also a lot of things to take care of on the business side. Marketing, sales, negotiations...ugh. Not quite what you signed up for, right? 

Chances are, you lack the business experience, confidence, or interest to handle these crucial elements of freelancing - which can be the difference between success and failure; between scraping by as a freelancer and earning a truly viable living.

Enter WordSpring. We will handle the entire business side of your freelancing career so that you don't have to. From identifying the best clients in your niche to sales outreach and negotiations, we do it all.


Learn how we can kick ass for you.

Here are three reasons why you should get in touch with us...right now.

Identifiying Clients

We will meet with you and review your portfolio, prior experience, and expertise. We will then identify the industries and companies that you will be best suited to write within.

Sales Outreach

We will establish the key players in your prospective client's organization: marketing leaders, editors, and executives. We will then launch a targeted outreach campaign to pitch your services.


We will be present on the call with you, helping you to negotiate an agreeable workload and compensation. We will then ensure you get paid on time and help you mediate any major disputes with clients.

What we need from you

Writing samples!

Every prospective client will want to see previous work samples before they hire you as a writer. You will need to showcase a portfolio of high-quality work that is published live on the web (your personal blog would fit the bill). Your samples should exhibit excellent writing skills in a highly presentable format. If you have very niche expertise but no writing samples (for instance, having 10 years of medical experience), please reach out to us, we can likely find a position for you.

Niche expertise (industry and B2B)

We represent writers who have expertise and skills applicable to industries such as finance, manufacturing, SaaS, technology, and professional services like consultancies. We don't represent writers seeking to work for news outlets or other media.

Dedication to craft

Writing is a discipline like all others. Nobody is born a good writer - it takes hard work and study. We are looking for writers who are continually improving their craft - whether that involves diving deeper into the intricacies of grammar or emulating the style and flair of the greats. Never stop learning or striving to be the best.

Content marketing as well as writing

We will handle the business side of freelancing for you. But writing also comes with the additional consideration of distribution. You need to be able to help your client improve their content strategy so that they achieve their desired business results. You will need to be able to advise on and integrate SEO practices, reader experience, and content distribution.


Why do you need us?

If it’s not clear to you by now...

Let's be honest, freelance job sites are useless. Top-quality clients need to be sought out through either sales or networking.

But we both know that's not your strong suit.


So why not let us handle your business for you, so that you can focus on what you love? :)

The best part? We charge absolutely nothing to you as a writer. We add a small service fee to the total quote the client receives at the end. That's how we stay in business.


The future of freelance writing

The world of work is rapidly changing.

The era of company loyalty and secure employment is over.

In this new world, individuals need to see themselves as products in an ever-changing market.

But that comes with the extra responsibility - the need to successfully market oneself.

WordSpring aims to solve this huge challenge, starting with one freelance writer at a time.


Get in touch with any questions

For applications, please email cleve@thewordspring.com

Please attach your CV and a link to relevant work samples.